BMW R1200GS DESIERTO 3 remake
15 Nov

BMW R1200GS DESIERTO 3 remake

One of our customers from Slovakia asked us to make him a new stickers because he wanted to repaint his BMW R 1200 GS Desierto 3.

Since we are in Croatia and he is in Slovakia we done all the job by mail and pictures :-).

Here are the pictures with old stickers 

He didn't like the original look of number 3 in Desierto logo so we created some solutions to choose

He made his choice and here is how it looks

 He also used our R1200 Tank stickers


We also create R1200GS logo and ONE WORLD - ONE R1200GS stickers for the side panels

At the end, great paint job and our stickers made this R1200GS Desierto 3 from Touratech unique, as you can see on next pictures.